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National Team Payments

Pay the Balance for National Teams

To make payments to your wrestler's account, please click on the buy now button to the right to make payments or pay your full balance.  Once your wrestler's uniform deposit had been paid, you will be able to keep up with the remaining balance due below.

***NOTE***  When making a payment for your wrestler's National Team account, please fill out the "ADD WRESTLER'S NAME" field with the wrestlers name so we can apply the payment to the correct wrestler.

Make Payment on National Team Fees

Add Wrestler's Name

National Team Payment Status

The list below should include all wrestlers preparing to go on the Team Georgia National Teams Duals and Fargo.

This status report has been compiled with the earned placement, officiating credits & additional payments.  

If you believe your amount due is not correct please send an email to:

To make final payment please click on the PayPal link above.