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Team Georgia VIsion and Mission Statements


Team Georgia's Vision is to be:  

The premier organization enabling Georgia to be a “Top Tier” wrestling state


The GAWA Vision will be achieved by:

Expanding participation and promoting excellence in Georgia wrestling

Growth in Georgia Wrestling

In the last 10 years, Georgia has experienced tremendous growth both in overall numbers and quality wrestlers.

In the 2002-03 season Georgia had

3859 USA Wrestlers

571 USA Coaches

25 or less USA officials

93 USA Clubs

61 Georgia USA Tournaments

Compare that to last year's record numbers

7545 USA Wrestlers

1125 USA Coaches

199 USA officials

201 USA Clubs

112 Georgia USA Tournaments

Most recently a Preseason Rankings had 10 Georgia High School Wrestlers ranked in the top 20 Across the county.

All 10 of those wrestlers wrestled Georgia's youth tournaments and in addition participated in a Team Georgia Sponsored Team.  

Interested in volunteering?

Team Georgia is an all volunteer organization and is always looking for volunteers.  If you are willing to volunteer a few hours a year or a few hours a week, please let us know.  Click here to send us your information.

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