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Spring Meeting Information

2019 Spring Meeting Location

Sunday May 19th, 2019

11am to 3pm


2975 Northwoods Parkway

Norcross, Ga. 30071

2019 Spring Meeting RSVP

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2019 Spring Meeting Agenda

Please attend the 2019 Team Georgia Spring Business Meeting,  

Finger Foods, Drinks and Snacks will be provided to all registered participants.

This is an open meeting and everyone is encouraged to attend. Please help us invite the club director from every chartered Team Georgia USA club, interested coaches and parents.
At the 2019 Team Georgia Spring Business Meeting we will be holding Executive Board Elections, hearing Executive Board and Committee reports and reviewing formally submitted proposals. 

I am strongly encouraging the club director for each of the 200+ Team Georgia clubs to attend this meeting and to vote on behalf of their club for the Executive Board elections.


11:00 am – 3:00pm

  • Executive Board Elections (GAWA)
  • Old Business
  • Executive Reports:
    • Chairman’s report
    • Treasurer’s report
    • Registration report
    • Kids Director report
    • Girls Director report
    • Official's Director report
    • Coaches Education report
  • New Business/Proposals
    • Please bring enough copies of any New Proposals to pass out 1 copy to each Club present (50+) and entire Board of Directors (15). 
    • All New Proposals will be reviewed by the Team Georgia Board of Directors, put up on the Team Georgia Website and distributed to all active chartered clubs for full review.
    • All New Proposals will be brought to the 2018 Fall Business Meeting for a vote by all active chartered clubs present.
  • Adjourn


Please email me with any questions.

In Wrestling, 

Robert M. Horton

State Chairman
G.A.W.A./ Team Georgia USA Wrestling



Up for election in 2019

Office                           Name of current Board Member
Chairman                            Robert Horton 
(Seeking re-election)

Second Vice Chair           Darren Bankston (Seeking re-election)

Secretary                             Leah Thomas (Seeking re-election)

Official’s Liaison              Kenny Cook (Seeking election)

Incoming/Outgoing        Phil Arnold (Seeking re-election)


Not up for election until 2020

Office                           Name of current Board Member
First Vice-Chair                 Jason Griner

Treasurer                            Jessica Parent

Registration Chair           Letricia Denson

Women’s Liaison              Ben Mount