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Sponsorship Request Guidelines

Team Georgia Olympic Hopefuls Sponsorship Request Guidelines

If you wish to request a sponsorship, CLICK HERE.

Each year Team Georgia has set aside $5000 to help athletes fulfill their Olympic Dream.

  • Athlete must be a member in good standing with USA Wrestling and a current or former Georgia Resident.  If former resident and at college, parents must be current GA residents.  Minimum 2 years Georgia event participation required to apply.
  • Consideration will be given, weighted according to the number of years associated with the GA wrestling community and participation in Georgia events.
  • An Athlete is limited to two requests per fiscal year.
  • Not all requests for sponsorship will be granted, requests shall be governed and granted by a majority decision of the Team Georgia Board.
  • Money collected by Team Georgia as part of a fund raising campaign by the athlete, and funneled through Team Georgia for tax purposes, shall not be considered an award or part of the cap of fund raising dollars awarded in any given year.
  • This would be the total in any one fiscal year we could grant.  (September to August the following year)
  • This would have to be a 1st come 1st serve basis. 
  • Once the funds are exhausted there will be no modifications or overages to the budgeted amount in the current fiscal year.
  • No amounts can be transferred from other line items to cover a request from this category.
  • Event must be a USA Wrestling sanctioned event.
  • Sponsorship shall be provided after proof given that the wrestler has raised 50% of their funds.
  • No request shall be granted for amounts equaling greater than 50% of presented budget for trip.
  • The max award amount shall be set at $500
  • Sponsorships for individual camps will not be honored.  TGA already sponsors many individual camps and thus the wrestler should approach those camps for possible scholarship opportunities.
  • Sponsorship recipient is requested to register with Team GA and give 5 hours of volunteer service in past, current or future events for every $100 in sponsorships.