Coaches All-Access Weekend Floor Pass: $25.00

Eligible coaches will have in/out access to the LakePoint Indoor Pavilion and floor access during the entire weekend.  Wristband must be worn at all times.

Coaches not meeting the below eligibility for Floor Pass must purchase a spectator pass and will not have access to the floor at any time.

To be eligible to purchase a floor pass the coach MUST have a current USA Coaches card. In addition they must have a photo ID plus either Bronze, SIlver or Gold printed on their USA card or a current GHSA Coaches card.

Floor Pass Requirements

Only the following combinations of identification will be accepted

Option 1

  1. Current USAW Coaches Card with Bronze or higher printed on the card, and
  2. A driver’s license or other government issued photo ID

Option 2

  1. Current USAW Coaches Card (non-Bronze), and
  2. Current GHSA Coaches Card, and
  3. A driver’s license or other government issued photo ID

Important Note: A coach with a bronze card will not be given a wristband if the USA coaches card does not have Bronze, Silver or Gold  stated on the USA coaches card presented. It is the coach’s responsibility to reprint a current coaches card that clearly states bronze level on the USA card. The Bronze credit card is not accepted. Please reprint your USA Coaches card.  If your certification is not showing you will need to contact USA Wrestling and have them research.