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Girls and Women's Wrestling

Women's Wrestling: Is it for you?

Womens Wrestlnig

Fargo 2014

Check out this video below from USA Women's Wrestling...

Have you ever wanted to know more about the sport of Women's Wrestling?  Are you a girl with an interest in the sport or a parent wondering if this is the right sport for your daughter?  Perhaps you are a coach wondering if wrestling is the right sport for females?  

This video will give you a new perspective on Women and Wrestling...  Watch and enjoy!!

USA Women's Wrestling Facebook Page

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Welcome to Team Georgia Girls Wrestling

War of the Roses Southeast Championships

War of the Roses Southeast Championships

A message from the Team Georgia Wrestling Womens Liaison:

The 2014-15 Folkstyle season is well underway and it is exciting to see all of the girls wrestling this year so far.  We have seen more girls wrestling this year than ever before.  USA Girls Wrestling has increased 43% over the last year... 43%!!!  THAT'S AMAZING!!!
This year we mark history in Georgia Wrestling with Life University opening their Women's Wrestling program for the 2014-15 season.  David Mathews has been brought on to be the Head Women's Coach and 13 young ladies have taken to the mat from across the country with 3 Georgia Ladies on their roster.
College Women Wrestlers
Amy Hou- Colorado State University (US OTC Resident Athlete)
Christy Powell- Missouri Valley College
Leslie Hernandez- University of the Cumberlands
Destiny Crawl- Life University
Tyesia Topps- Life University
Christina Kruger- Life University
In closing, as I have said before, every time you step on the mat at practice, you make a difference.  Every time you step on the mat to wrestle a tournament or dual match, you make a difference.  Every time you talk to other young ladies about how they can lace up their shoes and strap on their headgear, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!
Have a Great wrestling season and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you out on the circuit!!
Robert Horton
Womens Liaison
Team Georgia Wrestling

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