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National Dual Team Selection

2022 National Dual Team Selection


2022 Dual Team Qualification & Selection

Any wrestler with a current USAW membership who resides in Georgia is eligible to participate in the Age Group Duals (14U, 16U, Junior or Womens) events if we have spots open on the teams. Placement in FS/GR state or another event is not a qualifier or required for dual team selection, but other requirements (purchase uniform, pay required fees, submit required forms, attend national team camps) must be met. Please note that this is for dual teams only. Fargo national team selection is a separate process.


***The goal is to take our best team(s) with a chance to win. As such, the team selection will be determined by a dual team committee which is made up of the assigned coaching staff and select Team GA officers. Factors that will be taken into account include, but are not limited to, previous accomplishments in the Olympic styles as well as national folkstyle events, high school state tournament finish, and recent head to head wins versus others interested in the same weight class and style. If the coaching staff elects to, a special wrestle off may occur. This is only at the discretion of the coaching staff and not afforded to all wrestlers.

Placement in the freestyle/greco 1st qualifier and/or state tournament does not automatically mean you have qualified for the dual team or which team you will be on. These events may help coaches make a decision, but is not a qualifier.***

***National Team rosters are planned to be completed by May 14th***


Team Fee $650

$300 Deposit Due by April 6, 2022

***Dual Team Interest Deposit - A deposit of $300 will be required of anyone interested in being selected for a Dual Team.***

This is to ensure we are selecting from those fully committed to being a part of the dual team and national trip.  This deposit doesn’t guarantee a spot on the team rather it ensures your wrestler is being considered and shows they are fully vested in the process.  If your wrestler is not selected, this deposit will be refunded in full.  Otherwise, if your wrestler is selected and your wrestler chooses not to attend his/her deposit will not be refunded.  If your wrestler has a medical reason for not being able to go, we will review your circumstance and supporting documentation prior to determining whether you are eligible for a refund.

Instructions for how to make your deposit can be found at