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How do I become at USA Coach?

Your child is new to wrestling and you want to coach them in the corner at tournaments but not sure what to do?

If you want to be on the mats to coach your child you will need the following:

1.  Become a USA Coach, to become a USA coach you will need to become a member.  Click here to become a Member.  You will need to first create an account, then click on the link to sumbit to a background check.  Click here for information on a background check.  Then in a few days, once your background check comes back, you will be able to purchase a coaches membership.

Do I need a Bronze card to Coach?

Team Georgia requires coaches attend a USA National Education Coaches - Bronze clinic if they would like to coach wrestlers at Qualifiers & the Kids State events.  A Bronze certification is also required at most Regional & National Level events.

What if I am a High School Wrestling Coach?  

Anyone wanting to have access on the mats, either to coach or take pictures will need a USA Coaching membership.  This is renewed every year.  Even if you are a High School Coach you will need a USA Coaching membership.    For Team Georgia Kids Qualifiers & Kids State events, Team Georgia will accept the USA Coaches card and either a Bronze Card or a GHSA Coaches card for Mat access.

Benefits of a USA Coaches Membership

Why do I need to be a USA Coach to be on the mats when by child is wrestling?

Holding a valid USA Coaching card is required for several reasons.  Benefits of USA Membership & Coaching Benefits

In addition, by showing your valid USA Coaching card and photo id, you will receive free admission into all Local Team Georgia events.