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Beginners Program

Team GA Beginner Tournaments


Provide a venue for first and second year wrestlers to compete against other wrestlers with similar years of experience. To give them an opportunity to succeed, keep them interested in wrestling, and grow the sport in the state of Georgia.


Reduce the number of wrestlers leaving the sport after one or two years due to an initial lack of success. To allow them to build confidence by wrestling kids with the same level of experience rather than finding themselves competing against much more experienced wrestlers week after week.

Appeals and Complaints to these qualifications should be submitted using the forms below. 

Resources for New Parents

Ok, your child came home today with a flyer and says he/she wants to try wrestling.  All you can think of is what you have seen on TV, chairs, ladders and lots of drama and weird costumes.  If the thought of this scares you, please understand, this is not the wrestling you watch on TV, it is scholastic wrestling.  Youth & high school wrestling does not take place in the ring or cage.  Please take comfort; youth & high school wrestling are very different from the professional wrestlers on Saturday television.

Youth & High school wrestling is more like the wrestling you see on television when you watch the Olympics.  It is an actual sport, and not just entertainment designed for high ratings.  Youth & HS wrestling use mats, but do not have a ring.  Wrestlers wear what is called a singlet and use safety gear such as head gear, knee pads & wrestling shoes.  Despite what you may think, wrestling is safer than many other sports and activities.  According to a Loyola University Study based on 2005 data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the most dangerous sport is Basketball.  The remaining 9 were Bicycling, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Skateboarding, Trampoline, Softball, Swimming & Diving & Horseback Riding.

In some regions of the country, wrestling is part of the culture, your father, grandfathers, brothers all wrestled, but in Georgia that is not always the case.  In a majority of the cases, the youth wrestler is the first one in their family to try the sport.  Many parents fear their wrestler will be thrown around, like they have watched on TV.  This is not the case, in reality violent actions are not allowed.  Wrestling & being a wrestler involves hard work, dedication, determination, and a high degree of physical training and commitment. 

Wrestling is an aggressive sport that requires skill, strategy, and strength.  It does not promote violence, or aggressive behavior outside of the wrestling match.  Wrestling is often referred to as an "individual" sport, but also has a team aspect.  Each wrestler must win or lose on his own, but in many competitions the winning wrestler is awarded points based on winning and how he/she won and Teams compete against each other.  Sometimes a wrestler just not getting pinned can be the difference in their team winning or losing a dual or tournament.  All sports are getting more and more competitive and many believe the earlier you can get your child into a sport, the better off they will be in high school.  If your wrestler is in High school it is NOT too late to begin a wrestling career.  There are many success stories about NCAA All Americans and Olympic Medalists that only started in high school.  Wrestling is definitely a sport that you get out what you put in.  Good luck and hope to see you on the mats!

Beginners Appeal Form

click red bar above to file an appeal to allow a wrestlers with more than 2 years experience to be able to continue competing in beginners events.

Beginners Protest Form

click red bar above to file a protest about a wrestler that should not be considered a beginner and allowed to compete in Beginner tournaments.