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Tournament Registration

Click HERE to Register for a Tournament

Click on the red bar above to Register for Georgia Tournaments

How to Register for a tournament

In order to register for a Georgia event you will need:

1.  Current USA card - To purchase on the Team Georgia site for $35.00 click here or you can purchase on the USA Membership site for $46.00 click here

2.  You will need a user account on the Registration system.  Click here  On the new page, in the top right hand corner you can either log in or create an account.  This is a separate system from your USA Membership or Team GA website account.  If you have not created an acct on this site you will need to do so.  Your user name is your email address.  You will need to confirm this address in the process of creating an account.

3.  If you already have an account or you create one, you will need to add your wrestlers to your account.  You can have more than 1 wrestler on your account.  Your wrestler should only be in this system 1 time, creating duplicate records will cause you to not be able to register for events.  Coaches and parents can easily move wrestlers back and forth by click on the "add wrestlers" link  You will type in their USA card number and then confirm the move by entering their date of birth.  Sometimes parents or coachs have a problem moving wrestlers because the date of birth was entered incorrectly.  If you have an issue moving a wrestler please contact the help desk.

4.  Once you have wrestlers added to your account you are ready to pick an event.  You can register any time prior to the event closing.  Events with in the next week are displayed on the main screen, click on the icon to chose the event, but you can also click on the link below the icons "Click here for Tournaments other than listed above" or click on the Tourn-Fliers tab to see a list of all the events offered this season.  After you register for an event, anytime before the event closes you can change your wrestlers weight class or even the event they are attending.

5.  The next page you see will ask you if you need to add another athlete, change a current registration, print/reprint an eticket or start a new registration.  Click on Start a new registration, then it will list the wrestlers in your account and whether or not they have a valid USA card.  If you think your wrestler has a valid USA card and it is not displaying, it could be because there are multiple records in the system, you will need to contact the help desk to get this resolved.

6.  If your wrestler has a valid card, click on the green to begin registration.  Follow the steps in order.  Select a wrestler, select a style (folkstyle is typically what is wrestled from Sept-March), select a class (if you have 2 choices your wrestler can wrestle in either or you can do both), chose bracket weight (remember you must weith less than this weight class at weigh ins) then click on the ADD button.  You can add your wrestler to a 2nd age/weight class or add other wrestlers by then selecting the wrestlers name and going thru steps 1-4 again.  Each time hitting the add button when done entering all 4 steps.

7.  Once all wrestlers are added you can click on the Green CLick to Pay Now button.  Before clicking on this, look below to make sure that you have all the wrestlers you are wanting to register listed and they are at the right ages/weights.  Check the totals.  Then click the green button.

8.  Entering Credit card information.  Check the Total to be paid - make sure this is correct.  Then enter your credit card information.  Make sure the address you are typing matches where the credit card statements are mailed to.  Also if this is a pre-paid visa type card, it needs to be registered online with a mailing address to be able to process it in our system.  You will receive an email receipt to the email address listed, you can change this if you want before processing.  The email will come from  Make sure your email client will not automatically file these emails in your spam folder.

9.  You will have to consent to to the Return/refund Policy:  

Please note: Return/Refund Policy: Individuals and/or organizations registering on-line are not entitled to a refund for any reason.  Therefore you need to be sure when you submit a registration that the wrestler will be competing or you are ready to forfeit the fee if he or she cannot compete for whatever reason.  We do offer the ability to change your registration to a future event but this must be done before the Tournament registration closes for the event that you registered for.  Typically this is the Thursday prior to the Saturday tournament at 10pm, but can be sooner.  Please check the tournament flyer

Check the I agree box and then the green pay now button.

10.  After paying you should always go to the tab that says eTicket and print and/or view your tournament etickets.  You should verify the age/weights are correct.  This is how they will be bracketed.  You can also come back to this tab and change the tournament registration any time before 10pm on Thursday or the Tournament closes out.  If a tournament maxes out due to the number of registrations, you will still have until the 10pm Thursday to make weight changes.