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National Teams

Freestyle Greco National Team Requirements


The Georgia FS-GR State tournament will serve as our National Team Qualifier and is MANDATORY for any wrestlers wanting to attend Schoolboy Duals in Indianapolis, IN;  Cadet Duals in York, PA; Junior Duals in Tulsa, OK;  Kids Nationals in Atlanta, Ga. or Cadet & Junior Nationals in Fargo ND.

How you finish in this event is used to determine which team you are on, but placement is not required to attend the Duals if we have spots open on the team.  Every wrestler that attends the qualifier that wants to attend the duals, is eligible to be apart of the Duals team provided they meet the other requirements. (Purchase uniform, pay required fees, submit required forms, attend intensive prep camp)

Placement is not required to attend Cadet/Junior Nationals, but each state is limited to 51 Cadets & 45 Juniors, therefore only the top 3 wrestlers in each age/weight class that sign up for the Cadet/Junior Nationals in Fargo by June 1st, 2017 are able to attend.  

Your must wrestle the same weight at the State/Qualifier as you do at Duals/Fargo.  Wrestlers that place top 4 at Regionals (SER, Central, NE etc...or UWW Cadets/Juniors) can wrestle any weight at Nationals, as long as they have participated in the State/Qualifier.  These wrestlers do not count in our 51 Cadets & 45 Junior limitation.

2014 Team Georgia All-Americans

2014 Team Georgia Fargo All-Americans

2014 Team Georgia Fargo All-Americans

Women's Cadet Freestyle
Hailey Horton 101lb. Champion
Alex Enriquez 124lb. 4th Place
Women's Junior Freestyle
Alex Enriquez 125lb. 3rd Place
Men's Junior Greco
Todd Small 106lb. 2nd Place
Rudy Guillen 138lb. 2nd Place
Roman Boylan 138lb 4th Place
Derekston Williams 145lb. 8th Place
Andrew Webb 152lb. 6th Place
Justan Rivera 182lb. Champion
Men's Junior Freestlye
Sean Russell 120lb. 2nd Place
Justan Rivera 182lb. 8th Place

2013 Cadet/Junior/Women National All Americans

Cadet Nationals


Adam Flatt - 2nd

Rudy Guillen - 7th

Jake Adcock - 5th

Taylor Lujan - 4th

Elijah Kerr-Brown - 7th

Justan Rivera - 2nd


Jake Adcock - 6th

Justan Rivera - 1st

George Humphreys - 8th

Junior Nationals


Matthew Moody - 2nd

Tyler DeNova - 4th

Chance McClure - 1st


Tyler Askey - 2nd

Chance McClure - 7th



Women's Freestyle


Amy Hou - 2nd

Emily Pinson - 2nd